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MEET Sparkle

Travel with Sparkle was founded in 2007 by Nadia “Sparkle” Henry. Fueled by her genuine love of traveling with friends and family, she created a full-service travel company devoted to group travel, individual travel and family travel. She calls herself the “CCIG” specialist, concentrating on the Caribbean, Cruises and International Group travel to make dream vacations come true!

Sparkle is also an expert in planning discreet celebrity travel. She understands the unique nuances of planning trips and experiences for high-profile clients and catering to their special needs.

She’s been to more than 30 countries around the world, which means most of the places her clients choose for their vacations are destinations she has visited herself. Her personal experience allows her to confidently recommend hotels, tours, restaurants, shops and more.

Whether you want to see the pyramids in Egypt or experience the sights and sounds of Thailand, she can provide you with tips and advice based on her own experience in various destinations. She has booked thousands of trips and worked with many celebrities to meet their luxury and unusual travel demands. If celebrities trust her to book their vacations and travel plans, you are in good hands. Taking a vacation is an investment in your memories. Contact her today to start planning your most amazing trip.


Travel with Sparkle is so professional and attentive to your needs. I texted her about a trip to Mexico and not only did she beat the online prices I found, she sent me exactly what I asked for and within a half-hour my trip was booked and payment was processed.